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Evolution of a Graphic Designer

Before I was a graphic designer, way back in the mid-90’s I was an amateur painter, calligrapher and photographer with a degree in psychology working at an office job, spending more time redesigning my employer’s stationery and forms than actually doing my job. Oops.

I really needed to find a way to do what I enjoyed, art, in a way that was helpful rather than counter-productive. Someone suggested I could actually make a living designing a lot more than stationery and forms. So, back to school I went. Two years later I had an associate degree in graphic design and illustration. I started designing brochures and postcards and flyers and advertisements and newsletters and magazines and posters and billboards and trade show graphics. And logos and business cards and stationery and yes, the occasional form. I’ve been very fortunate in being able to use my artistic and photography skills for my clients as well.

And, wouldn’t you know it, that darn psychology degree has come in very useful. You see, in order to give my clients designs that will be successful for them and that they love, I need to get in their heads with them and see what they see. Having a small understanding of how people tick has helped me develop a process where I can drill down into what makes a business unique and what a target audience will likely respond to. It helps me see how a business owner’s values, character and personality permeate their business, products and services. Then I can use that understanding to create dynamic designs that express why a customer should buy from them and not someone else.

The whole point, really, is to use my experience, knowledge and skills to help my clients be more successful.

Soul + Art + Knowledge + Skills = Results Oriented Design

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